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Career Exploration in Elementary Grades

The Georgia Department of Education Career Cluster Awarenesss HB 713 mandates a minimum course of study in career education in grades K-12.  The grade specific career awareness activities listed as an indicator on the College and Career Ready Performance Index have been developed to assist students with career awareness.  Elementary counselors will play a part in making successful transitions into satisfying college and career ready options.  The DOE developed 17 elementary career clusters with activities to go with them for the implementation of the CCRPI appropriate for the career development indices.  All activities in elementary school are grade/age-appropriate.

Today's technology advances and global competition have changed the way we work.  Careers of the future will require a higher level of knowledge and the ability to do something with that knowledge.  The hope is that beginning in 1st grade, students will begin to understand the necessity of preparing themselves to earn a living in the future and to be productive citizens in society.  The career lessons will be taught during 3-4 classroom guidance times.

Clusters -  The following are categegories in which jobs fall under:

1st grade: 1)Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources  2) Transportation, Distribution and Logistics  3)  Law, Public Safety and Security

2nd grade:  1)  Arts, A/V Technology and Communications  2)  Health Science  3)  Education and Training

3rd grade:  1)  Hospitality and Tourism   2)  Human Services   3)  Energy

4th grade:  1)  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)  2)  Manufacturing  3)  Business Management and Administration

                  4)Architecture and Construction

5th grade:  1)  Finance  2)  Information Technology  3)  Marketing   4)  Government and Public Administration

****5th graders will also be required to choose a career that is interesting to them and complete an essay and powerpoint on that career.  This will be done for a grade and must be completed before going to 6th grade.  Listen out for more information on this!