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1)    Teacher Resources – Lesson Plans

1)  Math Challenges for Families

1)  Place the State Game

2)     Create a Graph

2) Scholastic for Parents

2)  Math Practice

3)    The Weather Dude

3) Guide to children's health & safety

3)  Homework Help

4)  Education World - The Educator's Best Friend

4) Valuable lessons about online safety

4) A Web Guide for Kids

5)    Folk & Fairy Tales from Around the World

5)  Multiplication help

5)  Improve math skills

6)    Topographic Map of the World

6) Helping parents connect with their children

6) Children's books read aloud

7)     Animation & Educational Site

7)  Creating an atmosphere of learning at home

7) Dictionary, almanac, encyclopedia & homework help

8)   Everything for Education K-12

8)  Statesboro-Bulloch County Parks & Recreation Dept.

8)  White House Kids

9)   Over 17,000 webpages

9)  Georgia Southern University homepage

9)  Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids

10) Georgia Performance Standards

10) Discover Georgia Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Guide

10)  National Geographic for Kids

11) Full Color Maps Around the World

11) Statesboro Herald

11)  Ask Jeeves for Kids

12) 12)  American Academy of Pediatrics

12)  Games, Puzzles, & Quizzes

13) Electronic Gradebook

13)  Science Information for Families

13)  Math Games

14) Electronic Dictionary

14) Statesboro Regional Library

14)  Learning Fun

15) Certificates for Teachers

15)  Food Guide Pyramid for Parents

15)  Sports Illustrated for Kids

16) Teacher Vision

16)  U.S. Dept. of Education-Publications for Parents

16)  Cool Science-Explore Biology

17) Georgia Learning Connections

17)  Mom's Movie Reviews for Parents

17) Mysteries to solve for kids

18)  Staff Development Publications

18)  Parenthood-Helping Families Grow

18)  Everything for School

19) Free Videos

19) Mathland-The Grocery Store

19) Yucky Science & Health

20)  Electronic Gradebook

20)  Parents talk, a parent's magazine

20)  Poetry for Kids

21)  Quiz Preparation & Grading

21)  Homework help by subject area

21)  Colonial Kids:  A Celebration of Life in the 1700's

22)  3-D Model of the Universe

22)  Guide to safe sites on the net

22)  Jamestown Online Adventure

23)  Internet tracks-Online lessons & activities

23)  School solutions, homework help, parenting tips, expert advice

23)  Weekly Reader Online

24)  Tool for Creating Rubrics

24) Loads of information about toys

24)  The Homepage of the Walt Disney Company

25)  Environmental Education on the Web

25)Large, free Question & Answer Service

25)  Fun games, interesting weblinks, things to do for fun, etc.

Web Resources